Belle Vue Farm Cross Country

Monday 22nd APRIL 2019.


Heights from 60-90cms. Approx

£20/25 for individual competitors, £45 for pairs there is also a £5 deposit for Number tabards.

Please send your entries in to us before 18th April, see you all there!
Course will be open for walking after 11am on Sunday 21st April

Qualifier for National Hunter Trial Series

For more info: or phone 07963468707

You can pay via Paypal, please make sure to put all entry details along with the payment.

You can now pay via Horsemonkey, please click the image below to do so:
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Times for the huntertrial:

>>CLASS 1.<<

>>CLASS 2.<<

>>CLASS 3.<<

>>CLASS 4.<<

>>CLASS 5.<<

Scores will be posted on here Monday 22nd April.

Cheshire Forest Hunt Huntertrial

For further info ring 07702230638

Eventers Challenge

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